General FAQ’s

What are your child and infant prices?

Child pricing is 50% of the adult retail rate. A child is 4-15 yrs. Infants fly free of charge. An infant is 0-4years.


What are your ages for children?

Child’s age range is 5-15 years. Infants are 0-4 years.


Is there a minimum age to fly?

No. We welcome all ages on all our scenic flights, and we find that toddlers and babies are very comfortable flying – they often just fall asleep! For small infants, we provide extra lap belts to restrain them and child-sized ear muffs.


Are your flights subject to minimum passenger numbers?

Yes. Whakatane departures require a minimum of 2 passengers. Rotorua and Tauranga departures require a minimum of 4 passengers.


I am a solo traveller, but I see that you have a minimum-number policy. Can I still make a booking?

Of course, we can add single travellers to a wait list for their preferred flight until minimum numbers have been confirmed, or we may combine flights in order to reach minimum numbers.


What happens if our flight is cancelled or postponed due to the weather?

If the weather conditions are unsuitable on the day of the trip, White Island Flights will cancel the flight. This is at the pilot’s discretion, and there is no charge.

This can be frustrating, but if the weather is bad or even marginal, it won’t be a very pleasant experience. We don’t fly if there is going to be turbulence or the visibility is poor, so you won’t actually see very much during the flight. This is why we recommend booking your flight at the start of your stay, so if the weather is unfavourable the first day, we can reschedule you for the next day.


Do you have a maximum passenger weight?

People who weigh more than 130kgs will need to contact us. All passengers & their belongings are weighed at check-in for the purpose of aircraft weight and balance. Larger people may be required to wear an extension seat belt.


Can I choose my own seat?

Your pilot will allocate your seating based on specific weight and balance requirements, which depend on the aircraft and operational requirements. We take into consideration couples, families, and groups and, where possible, keep them together.


Is it cold in the aircraft?

No, as we do not fly at high altitudes, and all aircraft are equipped with a heater that is operated by the pilot if required.


What should I wear/bring?

During the flight, normal clothes are fine. The temperature can be quite warm in the summer months, so we recommend you bring light clothing, a water bottle, and sunglasses.


Can you take disabled passengers?

We can take disabled passengers on our flights. We require that any disabled passenger travel with another passenger to assist with getting into and out of the aircraft.


Can you cater for group bookings?

Yes, we can accommodate larger groups. Our two aircraft can seat a maximum of 8 passengers. Please inquire about our group rates.


I have a keen interest in photography, is it possible to open the windows during the flight?

Yes, both our aircraft have fully open windows, allowing unobstructed views. If you are a professional photographer or filmmaker with specific requirements, it is recommended that you book a charter flight. Contact us directly for these charter rates.


Do you fly from other bases?

Yes, we can offer scenic flights from Tauranga and Rotorua. We require a minimum of 4 passengers. Please enquire about booking rates.


Do you have set times you fly?

No, we fly on demand. Opening hours or First and Last flight times – Summer 8:00 am-5:00 pm. Winter 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


Will I have to share the plane with other passengers?

Sometimes, depending on the time of year you book with us, if you are a couple, you may be lucky enough to get your private scenic flight, and we try to accommodate special occasions.

Cruise Ship FAQ’s

We have arrived at Mt Maunganui and would like to do a scenic flight with White Island Flights. Where and how can we do this?

White Island Flights are based at Whakatane Airport in the Eastern Bay of Plenty Whakatane Airport is approximately a 50min drive from Mt Maunganui port.

You have the option to self-drive to Whakatane airport or take a private shuttle. We do not offer pick-up or drop-off services. There is no public transport available

We can offer flights from Tauranga Airport; however, we do require a minimum of 4 passengers, and your own transport will need to be provided to and from the ship. Please enquire directly about these rates.


If we decide to self-drive, do we have enough time to do this, and is there anything else we can do in the Whakatane area?

Yes, you will have enough time, most passengers decide to do a flight late morning, with time for lunch and a tour of the town afterwards. We are also very flexible with time, so if you arrive earlier than you intended, we can normally accommodate you.

The drive from Mt Maunganui is a mostly straight road that follows the Bay of Plenty coastline, offering stunning views with opportunities to stop at the uncrowded beaches along the way. Be aware that there is an electronic toll road along this route, which is $2.30NZ each way. Usually, your rental car company will advise you on how to pay.

Whakatane has lots to offer and is a great place to visit after viewing it from the air. It is also home to Ohope Beach, New Zealand’s most popular beach, with fewer crowds than Mt Maunganui.

View the website below to see what else the Whakatane district has to offer.

Whakatane Information


Are there any rental car companies that you can recommend?

Rite Price Rentals  

Tauranga Rental Cars

Rad Car Hire


Are there any shuttle companies that you can recommend?

Tauranga Taxis

Luxury Airport Shuttles


What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

We will contact you as early as possible to advise you of our decision.

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