Take a step back in time and explore the untouched beauty of the East Cape, the remotest area of New Zealand. Renowned for its rugged coastline, pristine beaches, and rich Maori culture, the East Cape is the first place in the world to see the sun rise each day. Book your aerial tour with White Island Flights to this remote part of the country, providing breathtaking views and an incomparable experience.

Journey to the world’s first sunrise

Departing from Whakatane, our flight takes you over the stunning Ohope Beach and eastward over the captivating landscapes of the East Cape. Dotted by remote communities, windswept bays, and native forests stretching as far as the eye can see, this region is some of the most pristine you’ll find in NZ.

As we venture further, the wild Raukumara Range unveils itself, forming a jagged spine along the Cape and revealing the true grandeur of the region. Below, the Pacific Coast Highway snakes its way along the coastline, connecting Opotiki to Gisborne, while to the North, the expansive Pacific Ocean stretches out as far as the horizon.

Along the way, discover the remote 19th-century whaling settlement of Te Kaha, the charming Waihau Bay, the filming location of the famous movie “Boy”, and the secluded Hicks Bay.

For those wanting to explore deeper into the heart of the East Cape, we also offer an extended tour option. Flying to the easternmost point of New Zealand’s mainland, we’ll glide over Te Araroa, home to New Zealand’s oldest pohutukawa tree, and the East Cape Lighthouse. Mt Hikurangi, the Eastern Bay’s highest peak, standing tall at 1,749 metres, adds to the dramatic landscape.

Returning from the East Cape you have the option to venture out to White Island and then back to Whakatane.


To Cape Runaway, including Opotiki, Te Kaha, Raukokore Church & Waihou Bay. Returning to Whakatane via White Island.

Departing Whakatane daily, allow 1 hour. 

Adult: $350.00pp      |       Child (5-15): $175.00pp      |       Under 5: Free



To the East Cape Lighthouse, including all of the above, plus Te Araroa and the famous East Cape Lighthouse. Returning to Whakatane via White Island.

Departing Whakatane daily, allow 1.5 hours. 

Adult: $440.00pp.       |       Child (5-15): $220.00pp      |       Under 5: Free

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